We’ve got a tiny shop – but we crank out great carved wood signs.  We’re always improving our methods, and we pay attention to every detail.

Every sign will be designed carefully for compliance with US Forest Service standards, readability and content, appearance, and effectiveness.

Then, we present a simulated view of how it will look when finished, for approval, before we make the sign.  ( Ha ha – this helps, but doesn’t always prevent errors:  The buyer of the sign below said “Oh dear – they’re not twins!” in noticing our error only on receiving this photo of the would-be finished product.)

~~ twin sisters wilderness sign photo ~~

We maintain a large stock of the finest quality slow-dried 5/4 oak, so we can select a worthy plank for each sign blank.  Our CNC toolpaths are based on font and design elements we’ve designed for making the best cuts in the wood and for minimizing any tear-out due to the grain.   “No Defects!” is our policy and our practice.

Finishing will include painting or staining of carved features and sign blanks, edge rounding, corner rounding, surface sanding, and hole drilling, of course.

We pack your signs so a truck could run over them (well, they are pretty stout oak, after all), and get them into your hands quickly.

We accept checks, PayPal, and direct deposit.

When metal or plastic signs have also been needed in the past, we have coordinated with other companies to ensure a full scope of work in one  contract.  (We’ve historically been awarded contracts on over 80% of our Federal bid proposals – we’re tough to beat.)